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Hi all,
I just would like to warn you about pishing through Linkedin on Swiss subscribers.
I've got a inMail by a guy called David Walker.
He sent me this:
My name is David Walker, I am the CEO of DWalkers Real Estates/Investment, I just want you to know that our company would love to do business with your company and I want you to send me your email address so I can send you an email and attach a PDF Of how much we would love to invest in your company. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you again.
Let me know if you don't speak English. I speak German too.

Thank you.
David Walker"

I was curious about this, and I sent him a my mail.
He came back with this:
"Thanks for your response, I will be sending the PDF to you via my personal email. Thank you very much

David Walker"

After this he will send you a "google drive" link, that actually is a hijacked website:
Link entfernt

At this point, to view the phantomatic proposal, you need to enter your mail, telephone, and next step your mail password, and here you will be pissed off.

Be careful with this David Walker, don't give him any mail or password. The profile seems to be a real Swiss one (Uni Zürich, several swiss job experiences, friendships with many swiss people, ecc).
I must say very well done pishing strategy, so please be aware!

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Hi all,
I just would like to warn you about pishing through Linkedin on Swiss subscribers...
Hallo fragghetto, falls das einfach eine Warnung war (danke!):
- Forumssprache ist Deutsch
- Bitte keinen verseuchten Link in den Beitrag stellen (er war wirklich verseucht bzw. eine Phishingseite)

Katharina B.

Slup, wenn Du den Namen David Walker googlest, kommen viele links, in denen David Walker auf phishing scams hinweist, nicht nur LinkedIn. Es kann sich also auch um eine fingierte Gegenattacke handeln. Interessant dazu etwa, dass der Titel des OP in Deutsch ist, der Rest aber in Englisch.